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The CIA Bombing of Cubana

Prima facie cases of mass murder of 76 innocent civilians at Barbados in the CIA's biggest successful terrorist operation-against George Bush,who was responsible,Henry Kissinger,whose policy it was and Brent Scrowcroft,who directed its day to day activities.

The bomb exploded as Cubana passenger flight CU455 started it's descent and crushed two miles off the island. The impact ranks with the Munich massacre in 1972;the bombing of the US Marine Barracks in Beirut in 1983 ;the Pan Am 747 over Lockerbie,in 1998,the World Trade Centre in 1995,the Oklahoma Federal Building Bombing,the Osaka Subway Nerve-Gas attacks and the simultaneous Dar Es Salaam and Nairobi US Embassy bombing in 1998.

The Barbadian Labour Party Government spiked this country's investigation and Dr.Don Blackman,a government minister,shocked the world when he stated in parliament that his government would neither investigate,nor help in an investigation although their was evidence that the bomb was planted in the island by CIA operators on CIA orders and confessions from the two terroist.

For the national sovereignty of our country to be preserved in the face of CIA recruitment of the political elite,it is imperative that everyone and all who subsequently conspired in this act to be impeached for breaking the law,the Constitution and the National Security of Barbados in the service of foreign power.

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Boys In The Band or The Disappearance of Mark Stokes - What happens when the Chief Justice of a stable and relatively prosperous democracy is implicated in murder?

When the Boys in the Band was published in Februrary 1998,a storm of controversy hit the small cari bbean island of Barbados. The Controversy eventually crossed the atlantic one year and a half later,to the United Kingdom,where the ex-Chief Justice at the centre of the book's allegation was accused by the London newspaper ,The Independent,to be the 'punter chairman' of a company reputed to be the owner of the

largest internet pornographic company in the world.The Chief Justice,who lived in Paris and died in 2003 had stepped simultaneously into the glare and scrutiny of scandals in Bridgetown and London.

This book is an unusual one-part autobiography,part investigative journalism and part literary essay.It epitomizes post-colonial and post-modern Third World literature redefining the discursive boundaries of politics,literature and society for the 21st century.

It is a lyrical evocation of the naivety of early post-colonial society and a cosmopolitan statement of the emergent literature of the new society.

$25.00 USD Christopher Codrington III's three hundred year old still legally-binding trust-he also left the Christopher Codrington II Library at ALL Souls College ,Oxford-which was meant to be the experiment in Negro rule in the 18th Century that was hijacked by the Church of England along with the island's white plantation owners and today's new Black nationalist government whose aims coincide.This book is about aristocracy and nobility;to acknowledge with respect these qualities should not be seen as kowtowing.They are about doing the best at all times are largely spiritual and are not about life style.

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